6   Changelog


  • Document permission issue when mounting NTFS drives in Linux (Pull Request #55)


  • Fix pip install Python package in editable mode
  • make clean-python cleans ipynb_checkpoints folder(s)


  • Add Sphinx documentation (Pull Requests #36, #41, #45, #46, #49)
  • Create online documentation at Read the Docs
  • Create Sphinx docker image for local build and test (Pull Request #43)
  • Create cookiecutter docker image for local development (Pull Request #39)
  • Add VERSION file to the base folder
  • Add LICENSE file to the base folder (Pull Request #33)
  • Add step parameter to the mlflow.log_metrics test case and jupyter demo


  • Fix docker stack start-up failure in Mac OSX (Pull Request #31)


  • Increment mlflow version to 1.8.*
  • Add Github issue and PR templates into the cookiecutter project
  • Simplify Jupyter multi-stage builds
  • Update cookiecutter installation instructions in the README.md


  • Convert the repo into a cookiecutter template
  • Rename the repo from ds-template to cookiecutter-ds-docker
  • Fix a bug in make test where mlflow and postgres containers do not stop after testing
  • Add maintainer and description related fields to setup.py


  • Deprecate static Jupyter and no-cache builds
  • Add git to python-dev docker image


  • Add scipy, tensorflow and pyspark base image options from Jupyter docker stack
  • Add pull request template


  • Enable JupyterLab
  • Pass username and id to the Jupyter service from the host
  • Build and run improvements
  • Add code of conduct



  • Add Python template repo and Python tox automation
  • Share host user uid & gid with the Postgres user in docker


  • Create an initial docker-compose stack with Jupyter, mlflow and postgresql images